Do not give scope for your care taker to be rude with your kid.

After having discussed a lot with family members you would have decided to go for job and would have also thought of hiring a full time maid who should be taking care of your kid. While this idea would be good you should be sure that you get good maid. One way to avoid any sort of discomfort that your kid may face is to hire maid from agencies who would be very attentive in sending maids who would serve your needs. Of course, there are also agencies who would be sending people just to kidnap kids when they are very small and get them to different sort of activities that are truly unfair.

Than to discuss about bad incidents that happened to several families by hiring maids, it is wise that you become alert by listening or reading such incidents. One way to get to know about intentions of maid who has approached you for work and promises to take care of your kid is to get them tested by  lie detectors uk. By doing this way you would surely get to know the intentions of your maid with ease. It could be possible that they are planning to enter your house to steal gems or some costly jewelry that you have kept at home.
Of course, access to your credit cards or debit cards is sufficient enough for them to grab some money from you. Thus with respect to fear of theft and fear of losing your kid, you would not be able to hire anyone but with services from lie detectors you could be confident about hiring maids. You could continue with your work at office without any distractions. Hiring lie detectors from UK would ensure you peace of mind.